Beginner Online Dating Mistakes

Lesson Number 1: Online dating mistakes men often make when they’re first starting

Online dating has grown to become one of the most common ways of socializing. Many people, both young and old, have gone on to join at least a single dating network for dates or more.

In this online dating advice column, I’ll talk about one of the most pitfalls you really need to avoid…

One really big mistake that many online dating beginners make is that they do side-by-side comparisons of the profiles that they’re viewing, hoping to see who meets their predetermined set of criteria. While reducing the pool of potential mates is beneficial, having a checklist-mentality and not letting each profile stand on its own merit will limit possibilities in a negative way.

Online dating can sometimes create an environment that encourages selection based on the most sought-after traits (e.g. appearance) but the most attractive people online are the least likely to reply because they’re trying to handle the overflow of messages they’re getting themselves.Looking beyond these traits and focusing on what would make you connect with a given lady is key.

The challenge is that many men don’t invest the required time and effort that’s required to put together a good online dating profile. That requires that you develop a trained eye to distinguish between those that simply don’t care and those that are serious about portraying their best image.

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